Floral Crown // diy

Floral crowns are definitely becoming the hottest accessories this summer! To prepare for my next photo shoot, instead of buying one (a nice one could be very expensive), I decided to make one myself. Floral crowns are not too girly and they look so CUTE with any outfit. When you think of floral crowns, you think of weddings but this is no longer true. You can actually wear them for any occasion. They add an instant touch of softness to even the most edgy ensemble.

All you need is floral tape, wire, a glue gun, a wire cutter, silk flowers and ribbons.

First, use the wire cutter to cut three pieces of wire. You should measure your head to estimate the size of the crown (make sure to give extra room because it will get tighter after all the flowers are in).

Next, braid the wire together like in the picture above.

Then, pull the silk flowers from the stems. Arrange the flowers along the wire according to your design. Now you are ready to attach them with the glue gun.

Last, attach a ribbon to each end of the wire. Use the ribbons to tie the crown around your head.

Voila! Choose the most edgy outfit and put on your new floral crown. Have a great summer!


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