Butterfly Headband // DIY

I love butterflies. Butterflies symbolize nature’s beauty. They can also be used to symbolize rebirth, evolution, and soul. In Greek myth, there is a great love story between a young girl named Psyche (which means “soul”) and Eros (the Greek god of love, also known as Cupid). The best-known version is from the Latin novel called Metamorphoses, which is a term describing the butterfly’s stages of life. Psyche and Eros overcame many obstacles and shared a passionate love for eternity.

To prepare for some of my romantic fall season photo shoots, I decided to create a butterfly headband. All you need is a small black or brown headband, a few butterflies from a craft store like Michael’s, and a glue gun. You can mix different types of butterflies like I did, or you can use the same type and color of butterflies.

Before using the glue gun to attach the butterflies, make sure to put your headband on your head and place the butterflies on to see your design first. You can place them evenly on the headband or you can put three on one side and two on the other side. For a baby girl’s headband, you can use just one large butterfly for impact. So simple to create and so gorgeous on your hair! Be creative and have fun.


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