Anhthu is a graduate of San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Communications and Photography.

She has won many prizes in California exhibitions including the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Annual Arts Festival, the Asian New Year Festival Photographic Contest, the American Red Cross Photographic Contest and the Villa Montalvo Arts Center Photo Contest. Her work has been exhibited at Ewert’s Gallery, Euphrat Museum of Arts, Sun Gallery and the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art in the Bay Area.

Anhthu specializes in environmental portraiture and people photography. She has created CD and magazine covers for well-known singers, beauty contestants and models. She does her own touch-ups and enhancements with Photoshop. She also creates beautiful slideshows for different celebrations like weddings, graduations, birthdays and anniversaries.



  1. Jacklyn Tran-Nguyen

    Anh Thu’s skills lays beyond her ability to utilize natural light and her technical expertise with the tools of her trade, but also exist in her ability to hear from her clients the things that we often do not say. She takes the time to understand our vague ideas and formulate a vision for the planned shoot that respects both her clients’ needs and her own artistic interpretations. The resultant romantic and flattering images capture our essence and mirror the way each of us wants to be remember when we chose to have our likenesses preserve, at the same time takes us a little deeper into the recess of our mind into a beautiful fantasy from which we will wake up and realize that the person Anh Thu saw does exist in truth. We just did not believe until now.

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