What Goes into The Perfect Shot
Choosing the right look is just as important as having the perfect lighting. These tips will help you look your best for your camera:

Long sleeve is preferred over short or sleeveless so that the focal point of the portrait is on the face, smile, and eyes.
Plain colors or small patterns are best for group portrait. Avoid bright colors and strong patterns which make a person stand out from a group.
Wear shoes to complement the outfit. Full-length portrait is taken during the session.
Props are fun ways to say something about you. A favorite toy, guitar, or the family pet can make your portrait uniquely you.

Makeup for photographs differs from everyday application.
Use matt colors: matte makeup won’t reflect light making it easy to photograph.
Add more vibrancy to your blush, eyes, and lip color than you normally would. The camera captures makeup 2 shades lighter.
Fill in brows: polished brows shape the face and make for a complete look. This is  especially true for those who are blond.
False lashes: The center point of interest is your eyes. False lashes help define them and make all the difference!
Use powder: apply powder at the end of makeover for a complete matte look. Bring with you some powder or oil blotting sheets to cover shiny spots during photo session.
Wax: Give at least 48 hours for redness and swelling to diminish before arriving at your photo session.

There’s no good way to hide a five o’clock shadow in color photography. Be sure to shave prior to your appointment.

It’s best not to try a new style for your portrait and schedule your haircut a week prior to your photo session.


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